Submission Guidelines

Prospective authors should follow the following guidelines to prepare their draft submitted in English/Hindi.

  • Please submit your research work/contribution online by sending in e-mail to
  • All manuscripts must follow American Psychological Association (APA) style. Depending upon the type of article, manuscripts should be at least 10 pages, and no more than 25 pages. Papers/articles should be original and unpublished contribution. The length of articles, research papers, research notes, book reviews etc. including tables, diagrams, illustrations etc. but does not include title page, abstract, or references should be between 4000 to 5000 words.
  • An abstract of the paper (with key words written at the bottom) should be submitted on a separate page in English/Hindi in 120 to 150 words.
  • Articles must be in MS-Word and should be typed in English( Times New Roman with font size 12)  or Hindi (Kruti Dev 010, font size 14), typed in single space , on one side of A-4 size paper  with 1.5 inch margins on all sides.
  • The method to write numeric expression should be consistent throughout the paper.
  • The table, diagram and data should be cited within the text and numbered sequentially. The reference to each table, diagram and data should be provided after each entry, irrespective of need of permission.
  • The photographs or the scanned images in the paper should have resolution of minimum 300dpi and 1500 pixel. The format should be TIFF or JPEG. Due permission should be taken for copyright protected photographs/images. If the photograph/image is used from public domain, it must be made sure that its reproduction requires permission of not for publishing which is an attempt to profit making.
  • The first page of paper should contain author’s name, designation, affiliation, official and residential address, phone number, e-mail, and fax number. Authors should also give their brief description about themselves and their specializations along with the title of the paper. Second page should start with the title of paper, followed by text.
  • The final decision on publication is made by the Editor-in-Chief upon recommendation of Editorial Board Members; the decision regarding the acceptance/modification of the papers shall be communicated to the contributors.
  • Authors has to fill-in and sign the copyright form provided to them, once the contribution is accepted to be published. The contribution by the author will finally be accepted to be considered to publish only after submission of copyright form as asked. If there are more than one author the author who is corresponding needs to sign the copyright form.
  • References should be given in the text as well as the end. The references should be given in alphabetical and chronological (ascending) order in the APA Format as following format of referencing :


  1. Walt Schafer (2009): Stress Management (4th edition). New Delhi: Engage Learning India Private Limited, p. 12.


  1. Vandana Mehra & Sharma Anjali (2008) : Effect of Yogic Practices on Social stress and Academic Stress of Female Adolescents, Edutracks, Neelkamal Publications Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad; Vol. 7, No. 7,p23.

Chapter in a Book:

  1. Singh, Nasreen Talib (2002) Women Education and Emancipation: Gandhiji Ethos. In Geeta Srivastava (Ed.) Gandhian Philosophy and Its Significance in the 21st Meerut Pp 24-35.

Articles downloaded from websites:

  1. Eysenck, M.W.(1992) Anxiety: The Cognitive Perspective, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hove(1992) Retrieved from http:// retrieved on July2012
  • Tables should be in sequential order neatly followed by proper heading and incorporation in the text.


Instruction to Authors and Reviewers:

  • Any sort of plagiarism is not acceptable. Even after acceptance, if an article is found to be plagiarized, it will be sent back. The authors may even be blacklisted.
  • The decision to publish the paper will exclusively be of the Editorial Board. The papers may be sent back to the author for incorporating changes as suggested and for proof reading. However, the Editorial Board reserves the right to incorporate minor changes including the format and presentation of the manuscript
  • Every author is required to send his/her black and white passport sized photograph
  • All authors are hereby informed that the paper once accepted cannot be withdrawn at any condition. The Publishing team suggest you to not to submit same article to the multiple journals simultaneously. This may create a problem for you. Please wait for review report, which will take a maximum period of 25 to 30 days.


The contribution should contain name of author/editor and the book reviewed, place of publication and publisher, year of publication, number of pages and price of the book reviewed.