RESEARCH QUEST (ISSN-23473509) is a half yearly, bilingual and UGC approved journal devoted to academic enhancement.  You are invited to contribute original, unpublished articles, research papers, case studies, book reviews of multidisciplinary research area.

Our objective is to facilitate research based knowledge among academicians. It is targeted to serve as an academic forum for academic professionals, educational policy makers, scholars and researchers. This will be achieved through multidisciplinary research based idea generation at one platform through contribution of the papers.

We invite the qualitative, original research work including innovative ideas and articles for contribution in this journal.

This journal welcomes articles under following categories:

  • News & Highlights— Researchers can submit news from a research perspective and includes updates on research issues of national concern in the subject area of Arts, Humanities and Education.
  • Views & Comments— This section is aimed at raising academic debates in research community, encouraging people to express new ideas, and providing a platform for the comments on comprehensive issues.
  • Research— This section reports on research results in the form of research articles, reviews, perspectives, and short communications regarding critical issues.